Worst X’s and O’s coach in college football?

I know I may be overreacting to the current 21-0 beating USC is taking from Oregon State, but it happens.  Pete Carroll might be able to recruit, but there is no way USC should ever lose a game, not this year, or any year.  They should easily make it to the national title game year in and year out.  Carroll pretty much fields an NFL team to play against a mediocre conference, the Pac-10.  The sad thing is, I even think Carroll knows he isn’t that good of a coach.  He gets offered almost every NFL position that opens up, and he never takes one.  Most people would feel the need to take on a new challenge, but not him.

Well let’s see if the Beavers can pull this one out.  I wouldn’t be completely surprised if USC comes back to win this game.  But if they don’t, prepare for an SEC-Big 12 suck-off session from the media for the rest of the season.  I CAN”T WAIT!!!!

Maybe Pete should go see Dr. Lou.  THE DOCTOR WILL YOU SEE NOW!!!




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