Worst Knee Injuries

There have been many bad injuries in sports throughout the years.  One of the worst injuries to get is a torn ACL.  There  have been a few pretty bad one this year already in the NFL, so i decided to take a poll.  Which of these tears is the worst looking?  Some of the videos are long, so you might want to stop it after you see the injury, or maybe not, whatever you want to do.

#1- Willis McGahee

#2- Shaun Livingston

#3- Blaine Irby

#4- Dave Pinney

#5- Tom Brady

#6- Carson Palmer


2 Responses

  1. I’ve heard how gruesome the Livingston injury is and I still can’t bring myself to watch the video. But I can tell you Willis McGahee had a pretty gross one too. I’m guessing Daves happened pretty recently so hope you have/had a good surgery and rehab I know its not fun.

  2. Guess thats no really dave but still sucks for whoever it is.

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