Easy Money….Week 3 NFL Picks

KC @ Atlanta: Atl -3.  Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood are going to have a field day on Kansas City.  Matt Ryan will continue to have his balls sucked by the media, by going 11-23 for 145 yds and 1 TD and no picks.  They will say he is a great game manager when he is really just not very good.

Oakland @ Buffalo: Buf -9.5.  Run DMC isn’t 100 percent, and even if he was, Marcus Stroud and the rest of the BIlls’ D-Line would be eating him up.  Trent Edwards has turned into a solid QB.  Look for Fred Jackson to make some noise.

Houston @ Tennesse: Hou +5.5.  If Justin Gage doesn’t play, Kerry Collins will have nobody to throw to, which will in turn hurt the running game.  Steve Slaton will have a better day than people expect, totaling around 100 yards and scoring a touchdown.

Cincinnati @ NYG: Cin +11.5.  No way in hell the Bengals can waste all this talent on offense too much longer.   Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they will win, but they won’t lose by 12.  Look for Brandon Jacobs to make Keith Rivers his beeyotch.

Arizona @ Washington:  Zona +4. I am a beleiver in the Cards.  Their defense is a lot better than people give them credit for.  Quan and Larry will be smoking the Skins’ defense alllll day long.  I honestly think they will win straight up by a touch.

Miami @ NE:  NE -11.5. I don’t think the Pats are any good now that Brady is gone, but the Dolphins are just fucking awful.  Sammy Morris will score a couple times, and rack up around 80 yards on the ground.  Matty C better get Moss involved before he starts to pout.

TB @ Chicago:  Chi -3. This game is going to be ugly as hell.  I am seeing a 13-7, 10-6 type game.  Whatever the score is, Chicago will cover.  Urlacher and Briggs will be a giant brickwall all afternoon.

Carolina @ Minn:  Car +3.5. Frerotte makes this team better, but he isn’t going to add 15 points a game.  Carolina gets Steve Smith back this week, No way they get beat.  Also, All Day isn’t 100 percent.

StL @ Seattle:  StL +9. Saint Louis is in the same boat as Cincy.  Seattle is good at home, but they just lost there to San Fran.  StL has a chance to win this game, and to do so they need a big week from Stevie Jax.

Detroit @ SF:  SF -4.5. JT O’Sullivan will tell the Lions to suck his cock after not giving him a shot to play for them.  The Niners defense is alright, they have some playmakers.  If the Lions are to win this game, they need a breakout game from rookie Kevin Smith.

New Orleans @ Denver:  Den -4. It’s going to be another Mile High shootout.  Cutler and Brees will probably throw for over 700 combined yards.  Brandon Marshall will have 31 catches for 324 yards, decent day.

Pittsburgh @ Philly:  Phi -3.5. The Eagles proved on MNF that no one better fuck with them this year.  Big Ben is going to get eaten up by the Birds’ D.  Westbrook is going to have a monster game fantasy wise.

Jacksonville @ Indy:  Jax +5.5. This is a must win game for the Jags.  Their offensive line struggles aren’t as devastating as the loss of Bob Sanders for the Colts.  Peyton showed last week against the Vikes that he isn’t 100 percent.  I look for this to be a very similar game.  MJD will take advantage of an extended role and the Jags win straight up.

Cleveland @ Baltimore:  PK- Balt. Going with the home team.  Look for Todd Heap to get a lot of looks, as Kamerian Wimbley isn’t good in coverage.

Dallas @ GB.  GB +3. Green Bay has a solid defense, and they are at home.  Aaron Rodgers did well against dem Cowboys last year, and I expect the same this week.  With Ryan Grant injured and struggling, Brandon Jackson needs to take advantage of his opportunities.

NY Jets @ SD.  NYJ +9. We saw the Chargers defense last week.  Look for Thomas Jones to have his usual type day, about 85 yards.  Favre will be Favre and throw a pass no look, left handed, while spinning on his head.  I think the Jets will win straight up.

Your welcome for winning you money!

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