Is Vince Young the Next Britney Spears?

Has Vince gone a little nuts?  ESPN is going to do their damndest to make people believe so, and well, it has kinda worked on me.  Is it okay that I feel sorry for him?  I kinda feel like I am the only one that feels bad for the guy.  Yea yea, he’s in the NFL, poor guy.  Yea yea, he scored a -134 on the Wonderlic test.  Oh well, I, along with his momma, am feeling sympathetic for the guy.

Anyway, it’s the same story as always.  Overhyped quarterback with mediocre skills gets booed by 60,000 fans, guy doesn’t want to play anymore, runs away from home, and thinks about quitting football.  If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times.  My question though; will the Longhorn God be buried by the press, only to come back in a couple years hotter than ever and have every male in the world wanting to rail the shit out of him?  Okay maybe not all the way, but I do see Vince bouncing back from this.  Tennessee fans are fucking retarded to begin with, let’s just throw that out there.  They eat roadkill for Christ’s sake.  The teams they cheer for are baby blue and bright orange, I don’t know another way to spell out FAGS.  But anyway, VY just wins ballgames.  He has the worst quarterback rating in the history of football during his first two seasons, and he still takes his team to the playoffs.  How can fans not appreciate him?  When other teams are worried about you running on them, you don’t have to be Dan Marino.  Hell, they booed him on Sunday, and the Titans were still winning.

Yea, the Titans might have one of the best defenses in football, but VY is the quarterback, so the team is on his shoulders.  If they lose, he loses.  If they win, he wins.  But I do see Vince bouncing back from this bump in the road, only to come back with a different team, taking them to the playoffs.  Write that down!

"Check out this dance move The Kid taught me!"


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