Brady Who?

Matt Cassel...WAKE UP!

"Yawn. I shouldn't have stayed up so late watching Bernard Pollard tribute videos."

Matt Cassel is gonna be a stud. Everyone keeps talking about how the Pats are done for the season and it’s pissing me off. Has anyone seen Matt Cassel throw a football?! Oh wait…I guess not. He’s a career backup. First to Carson Palmer and then Matt Leinart at USC. Then he might as well have been a bullpen catcher for New England for 3 seasons. No one realizes he’s Tom Brady #2, without the smoking hot girlfriend. He’s intelligent, can make all the throws, and he still has Randy Moss to throw to. They even kinda look alike. Put a 12 over that 16 on his jersey and tell me that’s not Brady. At the start of the season he was arguably the best backup in the league. The kid’s gonna be a top 10 QB by seasons end. Now to become Brady all he has to do is ditch his wife, have a bastard son that he doesn’t take care of, and start banging a model.


2 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA he was so good that he almost got cut. Everybody on barstool ripped on him like crazy in preseason because he was fucking terrible.

  2. yea i know…he wont last the res of the season….he will stare down his primary receiver and just get picked off all day….Darelle (sp?) Revis will have 2 picks this week

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