Bill Plaschke SUCKS!

I love PTI!  Everyday at 5, it’s on my tv.  However, if Bill Plaschke is one of the writers on there, the show loses major points.  To me, it’s like seeing a hot ass chic at a bar, and then you see her pop a cigarette in her mouth.  Good way to shoot the ol’ horse down.  Back to Bill and why he sucks; Everytime he opens his mouth something stupid comes out, and that’s if you can understand what he is saying.  He talks too fast for his own good, and he sounds like he is forcing everything out.  It’s just awkward.  Lou Holtz might talk funny as hell, but I love the old guy.  And he knows what he is talking about.

All in all, I would much rather see JA, Michael Smith, that Gutierrez guy, or even Jackie MacMullan.  Hell, I might even go out on a limb and say I would rather listen to Beano Cook than Bill Plaschke.

"Man, I suck some big ol' balls"

"Man, I suck some big ol' balls"

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