Hardcore Fans

Fans show their loyalty in a variety of ways.  You have your typical ways such as clothing, hats, jewelry, blankets, fatheads, posters, bottle openers, buttons, foam fingers, body paint, face paint,  signs, license plates, stickers, flags, memorabilia, house paint, tattoos, beer koozies and lingerie just to name a few.  However, there are those few fans that go above and beyond the call of normal fanhood duty.  I am talking about the afterlife.  A new fad is to be either buried in a casket designed with your team’s logo or cremated and put in an urn clad with your team’s logo.  In Germany, Hamburg SV fans can be buried in a team owned cemetery next to the stadium.  Other soccer teams in Europe bury the actual ashes of fallen fans in the actual pitch.  Not that I am against it, but this is intense.  It is amazing how people show fanhood.


2 Responses

  1. Was wondering pricing and ordering the kentucky wildcats casket.

  2. I want the price of the uk wildcat casket

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