Are the Oakland Raiders in the Big Ten?

WOW!!  Worst team in the history of the NFL?  You would think by adding DeAngelo Hall, Gibril Wilson, and Darren McFadden, they would improve on their 4-12 record of last season.  At this rate….not gonna happen!  I know that if Run DMC is on my squad, I am utilizing him in every aspect on every single play.  Line him up in the slot, as a running back, hell, even as the quarterback.  He would touch the ball 4 out of 5 snaps.  He is a mix of Reggie Bush and Adrian Peterson, USE HIM!  Either Lane Kiffin is a moron, or Al Davis doesn’t want him thrown into the mix too soon.  If I was a Raiders fan, I would be irate.  JaMarcus Russell actually looked pretty good tonight, displaying he has one of the strongest arms in the league.  DeAngelo Hall proved tonight he is still an uncoachable dumbass.  What a waste of money.  Unless the Raiders play Cincy every week, look for them to have another top 3 pick in the draft next year.

nice makeup job, fag

would you waste this much time cheering for a terrible team?


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  1. these is heka bad asss

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