Moral Dilemma

I just got back from Lake Cumberland this weekend and I was put in a strange position. We visited “Party Cove” where about 2000 boats tie up together to party the day away. There’s a lane for other boats to drive through and around to see everything going on. As you drive through, college guys, 50-somethings, creepy old men, and even the women are trying to get every girl with great knockers that rides by to give ’em a peek at the goods – a la mardi gras. Tossing beads, beers, and t-shirts emblazoned with “I wasn’t a wussy, I showed my pussy,” guys coaxed girls (often successfully) into popping out the twins, or whatever else they were generous enough to show, as they troll by.

My dilemma lies in the fact that my girlfriend was in the boat and as you can imagine, my girlfriend has some bodacious ta-ta’s. I mean they’re some great tig-o-bitties. On a scale of 10, they’re a 5000. So do I make her keep the puppies in the doghouse or encourage her to let them come out to play? I feel like I owe it to the rest of the population to let them see such fantastic goods, but at the same time I’m strung out by the fact that I want to keep them for myself. Am I being greedy or should I share the wealth?

P.S. Where’s the freakin’ voting scale/tool/widget on this site? Just leave your vote as a comment ’til we figure out a better way.

P.P.S There will now be an annual trip to party cove for the poker run by RtW. Best place on the planet.


6 Responses

  1. Should have let/make her show them.

  2. why dont you let us decide if your gf has “bodacious ta-ta’s”

  3. i agree with tommy….. i think we sould judge the ta-ta’s and then decide if she should show them or not

  4. i agree also…..gotta be able to back up the talk

  5. I will also have to agree with them. With your dating record, we need picture evidence.

  6. […] it, you got it… Posted on April 18, 2009 by homebody Ask and you shall receive.  The RtW faithful wanted to see if The Hustle was telling the truth about his girlfriends titty balls and they are about to find out.  Here at RtW we give the fans what they want.  Who cares if it […]

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