Introducing…..Matt Cassel

Reports are that Tom Brady is donezo for the season.  As much as this makes me happy from a fantasy football standpoint, (the guy that has Brady also has LT) seeing the hit that took him out makes me cringe every time.  Do I feel bad for Tom Brady?  Hell no, he gets to fuck Gisele every night.  Karma sure is a bitch though isn’t it?  You act like you are better than every one else on the planet and that your shit doesn’t stink, so you get your knee fucked up.  Never fails.  Now the question is, how will the Pats fare?  I still think they COULD the division, but I don’t know, I like the Bills.  However, the New England Patriots just breed stud backup quarterbacks.  Watch Cassel turn into Joe Montana.  Just a heads up, if you are squeamish, don’t look at the picture.

is Kimo Von Oelhoffen a Chief now?

is Kimo Von Oelhoffen a Chief now?


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  1. Nice picture. That’s almost as good as Michael Bush snapping his tibia. Let’s not forget that Matt Cassel has started like 1 game since high school. At USC he came in under Carson Palmer and got passed by Matt Leinart before he ever even had a shot to start under center. Then he was drafted to be Brady’s back up. I guess good guys do win in the end.

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