RtW reader hates Dickie V

We got our first piece of reader input.  Obviously, by looking at the grammatical errors, the middle school this person attends lacks a language arts department.

“Today is a sad day for me as this d-bag is getting inducted into the hall of fame. For those of you that dont know the story it goes a little something like this. I was at a UK and UF bball game a few years ago and he was calling the game. So after the game I decide to go down to the floor and try and get an autograph for my brothers who are big fans of his. He signs some then gets to me says Im done and throws a sharpe marker at me with the cap off and leaves a black mark all over my shirt. I was pissed so wrote a letter to the president of espn. But never heard anything back. So from that day on any game that he is calling I turn the sound off if I watch that game.”

As much as I can’t stand to hear Dickie V drool all over Hansborough’s and any Duke player in history’s nut sack, he has been great for the game of basketball since becoming a commentator.  Vitale has been the face of college basketball for ESPN since its existence. He has brought tons of famous sayings, “dipsy-doo dunkaroo,” “diaper dandy,” PTP-er,” “it’s awesome, baby!”  I even owned a very mediocre Sega game with fake teams in his name (Dick Vitale’s “Awesome, Baby! college hoops”).  Believe it or not, he has possibly become THE face of college basketball.  If Family Feud asked 100 people to name someone involved in college basketball, number one on the board might very well be Dick Vitale.

Show us....Dick Vitale!

Show us....Dick Vitale!

When us Kentucky fans first forced Tubby to flee the state (best day of my life), Vitale was extremely pissed and tried to bitch out UK fans for it.  But I think he has turned the corner a little bit and started to recognize what Billy G is doing in Lexington.  In recent articles he has praised the recruiting ability of Billy G and assistant coach Tracy Webster, as well as saying that with a healthy Patrick Patterson, Billy G and the Cats will return to prominence.  I am hoping with the new contract that ESPN and the SEC agreed upon, I will get to hear Dicky V wanting to suck off Patrick Patterson, or talk about how he wants to unbutton Josh Harrellson jorts with his teeth.  But until that time comes, I will enjoy hearing him get overly excited during anti-climatic parts of an interview or a game.

Congratulations Dick Vitale, your time is long overdue.

they like wiener too

they like wiener too


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